This is absolutely the very best Mulling Spice you will ever taste! The flavor is wonderful, and the aroma while it is heating fills the air with a spicy apple fragrance. It is so quick and easy to prepare.. just mix with apple juice, heat, and serve. One package makes one gallon or prepare by the cup.

Full directions are included on the back of the package for many variations for using this mix, and you can also cook and bake with the mulling spices. 
A free recipe sheet is included with each package.

Flavorful Ingredients For Cider, Wine, Tea, Juices, Fruits, Meats and Baked Goods. Attractive Gold Foil Packaging - 6 oz. Minimum One Gallon of Beverage Per Package, Two Year Shelf Life, Fat Free, All Natural Flavors, No Cholesterol No Caffeine No Sodium

Excellent for diabetics or 
low-carb lifestyles
Two Year Shelf Life

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